HELP for Zoe Mellor Elephant

Hello Everyone,
This is my first post. I have been a knitter for about 3 yrs & I knit toys often but for some reason I can not wrap my head around this Zoe Mellor Elephant pattern. Got the legs, trunk joined. I have the correct amt of stitches. my Ques is. row 35 K52 cast/bind off 5 sts k5 inc. So I have been k52 binding off 5, K5 and inc. now the trunk does not look right and I can not get down to 52 sts on the 36th row. what am i doing wrong?? I am not getting the shaping of this trunk, i think. Any help would be wonderful… Thank you all for your expertise!!! Lynz

Does the pattern say anything else after “K5 and inc” ?

Yes, it says exactly.
35th row K52, cast/bind off 5 sts, K5, Inc.
Working on last 7sts…

36th P
37: K2tog, knit to end
38: P
39:K2tog , knit to last, inc.
40: P
41:K2tog, knit to end.
42:P2tog, p1, p2tog
Cast/bind off. (how many do I bind off?) maybe I can tell once I get there…

WS facing rejoin yarn to body.

what does this mean? I feel so dumb as I knit these darn things all the time. I think some ppl just confuse me. and then I just confuse myself even more :slight_smile: