Help for Undoing Entrelac (Garterlac) Discloth

I’m working on an entrelac dishcloth. See link:

I have made an error, and I need to “undo” my latest segment. I don’t wish to frog and start over, and I was wondering if anyone has any tips on going back in this type of a piece.

Thank you,

Sure, just take out your needle and rip out the last block. Go slowly when you get to the picked up row so you don’t mess up the previous block.

I agree with Suzeeq, but I just want to say that I made that same dishcloth as a practice piece before trying “real” Entrelac. It was fun to do, but I used leftover sock yarn (non-absorbent) so it’s now a placemat for my coffee pot. :slight_smile:

Thank you Suzeeq and Tinker.

This dishcloth is a test case for me, and it isn’t something more elaborate which is why I chose the project.

I’m back on track with a bit of careful unravelling, and the entrelac elements are becoming more clear.

Yes, by the time you start the 2nd tier of blocks, you can really see it taking shape