Help for struggling new knitter

Hello fellow knitters! I am a new knitter and have only just mastered the knit stitch. I have been using very chunky yarn as I am just a beginner. I ordered this yarn which was described as chunky but evidently is a lot thinner than I expected. However, I thought that I would still practise my knitting technique using this yarn as I have bought it. The thing is, even though I feel confident doing the basic knit stitch and have practised it a lot, my work as you can see here is very messy and uneven. I suspect that the fact that I am using very big needles is not helping but I’m wondering if there are any tips anyone can give me to improve my technique, including achieving the right level of tension, etc. Is it worth continuing to practise knitting using this yarn or am I wasting my time? I am considering giving up knitting because even with practise I don’t seem to be getting any better at all…

I think you are doing well so far. Yes, there are some small problems there but the majority of the stitches are good. I am sure those small mistakes will happen more seldom as you improve your skills. My advice is to continue to try and you will learn to knit, but in the same way as it takes a lot of practice to learn to play an instrument, it also takes some time to knit well. Luckily it is less time than needed for an instrument.

Personally I find aran/worsted yarn weight to be the easiest to knit. When teaching someone to knit I usually begin with this yarn weight and 3.5-4mm needles.

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I taught kids to knit we used chunky weight yarn but 100%wool
And needles of a good size because we made then from dowel. But is your yarn cotton , cotton is harder to tension because it isn’t stretchy. You can of course learn lots from knitting with what you have when I was first knitting I frogged and reknit the same piece of wool over and over learning to knit straight and not drop stitches.have fun!

I totally agree with the answers so far and would like to add that you should experiment with different knitting styles you will be surprised at the difference it makes then choose the one you are most comfortable with. The Portuguese method of holding the yarn is supposed to help adjust tension. That said you are doing great.