Help for short rows!


I’ve been trying for a while to find the perfect solution for short rows.
Thanks to the KH video, i have found the perfect short row for the purl side, but seeing i knit the continental way, when it comes to the knit side, it still shows
You can check out my blog with a picture of what i mean:

If you have any suggestions, thanks a lot

I don’t think it’s because your knitting continental, you’ll notice that Amy also knits continental and hers are fine. I had a quick look at your problem, but it’s a bit hard to identify, is there any chance we could have a closer look at the short rows in question. I can see from the pic on your blog that they do look funny, but I can’t actually see the stitches in any detail to see how they are being picked up.

You could also try these links - Nona has a few different ways to short row, and you might want to swatch them and see if any of them work for you. There is the [B][COLOR=darkorchid]Wrapped Short Row[/COLOR][/B], the [B][COLOR=darkorchid]Japanese[/COLOR][/B]and the [B][COLOR=darkorchid]YO[/COLOR][/B].

I hate wrapped short rows with a passion. I’ve tried the Japanese and YO methods, but honestly found my best results with two other methods - encroachment (instructions at and and a psso method I found in this pdf:

I find both of them easier than any of the other methods - and, in my hands at least, both give a tidier result. I’ll never wrap again. :happydance:

In the end, they’re all short rows, so grab some oddballs, make a few “sock toes” and decide which results you prefer.


I wish I had time to learn a non wrapping short row. I finally managed to wrangle a hidden wrap but I can never remember how I do it. So every time I use them I have to reteach myself what is the right way to go. I’m sure by now I could have learned a non wrapping method!! Thanks for those links…I’m saving them to learn in a few days. I have some more knitted baby pants to make this weekend.


I meant i knit the english way, not the continental one
Thanks a lot for those links, I didn’t realize there were so many different ways to make short rows!
I shall try them all very soon

I found the instructions in the KnitPicks catalog very helpful. Here’s a link to the instructions on their website:

The only difference is that you pass the wrap over the knit (or purl) stitch, but that really helped make my short rows not look like warmed over crap.



Do those methods (enc) work for any short row shaping, or just for sock heels?

New knitter :ick: