Help for Newbie

Hi this is only my second knitting project and I am stuck lol! This new pattern may as well be written in Swahili :joy: I have completed it with no problem until the part about shaping the armholes - I know how to cast off but what does keeping the pattern correct mean please? I have read on and I am not sure the instructions on the 3rd pic mean either :see_no_evil:. Is decreasing the same as knitting 2 stitches together? And what exactly am I knitting here? I feel like a right loon :joy:

Reading patterns is a learning experience, for sure.
Keeping the pattern correct means maintaining the look of the lace pattern without a jog due to the bind off of 3 or 4 sts. You can count in 3 or 4 sts in the lace pattern instructions, depending on the size you’re making, and start the pattern there or you can look at the pattern that you’ve worked in the previous rows and work the bind off row so that it continues that pattern.
Yes, knitting 2 stitches together is a decrease. It’s a decrease that leans to the right. Ssk is another decrease that leans to the left and you can use either depending on how you would like the decreases to line up. Often an ssk at the beginning of the row and a k2tog at the end of the row works well but you don’t need to get hung up about it. K2tog will work.
Here’s a video for ssk in case you’d like to use it.

Thank you! I continued what i was doing and it looks ok lol! Finished the back part and now onto the front. Just hope my niece hasn’t grown too big by the time i have finished haha! :grin: