Help For New Project Idea

Hi frieknds! (I’m going to start this word if it kills me) I’d like a make a very simple blanket for my little sister who’s going to be a freshman at Boston Univ. in the fall and was hoping for some advice. My experience thus far has been limited to making a blanket for myself using the knit stitch exclusively and alternating 2 balls of one color with 1 ball of another. What I envision for the new blanket is a block of red, then a block of white with the letters BU in the middle of the white, then another block of red. Thinking of using this yarn:

If anyone has suggestions on the best technique for doing this, or any other advice, I’d love to hear it! Thanks!

I knew I had these somewhere and couldn’t find them…just did though… Alphabet charts

That’s pretty yarn, but be aware that it is not machine washable. Washing an afghan by hand is a huge job. You might want to find a machine washable wool if that is the fiber you want to use. Unless your sister is big on handwashing. :shrug: :teehee:

I agree with Jan about the yarn–you really want washable, especially in a dorm room.:teehee:

Remember, too that the letters will be backwards on the back of the blanket–just something to think about.