Help for new knitter

hi everyone
I’ve just started knitting and I’m trying to knit a vintage’s ribbed with leather buttons.the problem is that in spite of knitting quite evenly I get some bumps between the ribs that make them look less pronounced.these don’t seem so prominent in the picture on the pattern.if I knit any tighter it becomes quite difficult to insert the needle.the pattern is row 1:knit row 2: .k1,p1
any suggestions would be much appreciated

How many rows of the rib pattern have you worked? You might just need to work more rows for it to show more. You shouldn’t have to be knitting that tight. Could you link to the pattern or tell us its name? Even just seeing a picture is often helpful

thanks for replying.I’ve knitted about 20 rows,across 4 inches.I’m using 4mm needles which gives me about 5 stitches per inch.admittedly this is different to the six stitches the pattern calls for.I need it to be a bit on the large side so I don’t mind this too much.might smaller needles make a difference?

the pattern is jaeger spiral spun,number 3974.not sure if you can find it because it’s from the sixties.I got it from etsy,a seller called hobohooks

I personally prefer my rib done on smaller needles but whether that will make it look more like you want, I don’t know. You could try a sample and see. If you’re having to make sure you knit quite tight then smaller needles and a looser tension should at least be more comfortable for you.

wow thank you for this tipp!

I want to try this when i will make holiday in one of the great wellness hotel ( in south tirol this year. Then i will have enough time.