Help for my mother who refuses to learn to purl!

Oh I don’t mind looking for patterns for her. Finding patterns that she’d enjoy is challenging since she won’t purl, but still fun enough that I don’t mind doing it. She works 12 hour days, so coming home to search for patterns on the computer is pretty daunting to her.

I’m definitely buying her The Knit Stitch, though. It seems like an awesome book. :slight_smile:

I learned to knit (and purl :wink: ) from that book. :shrug:[/quote]

I learned increases, decreases, seaming, that thing where you bind off some sts then cast on more (like for a purse handle), ssk, pu sts (my MIL taught me wrong so I had to relearn from the book), I could go on. I learned a lot from the crochet book too. Probably depends on your learning style; maybe I watched too many cartoons as a kid :slight_smile: