Help for modifying a sweater pattern

Hi! I am about to start the Chanel-inspired cardigan I don’t want mine to be boxy, I want it to be “hourglass.” I think I can probably figure this out but I just wanted to hear what more exp knitters have to say. I need to dec heading towards the waist and inc towards the armholes, and do the same for the back and each side. But as you can see, the sweater has a pattern that is a bunch of little boxes. How do I decrease/increase in a pattern, esp when the overall sweater pattern doesn’t call for it.



:thinking: Some patterns are easier to modify than others. Deciding how to shape in a pattern stitch is a doozie of a project. You’d basically need to designate a “filler” stitch to knit where the pattern has been interupted. I think seed stitch might be ok for that purpose. If I were you, I’d try mapping it out on graph paper.

I’m not sure if you have specific questions about changing the shape or just about dealing with the stitch pattern. If you are unsure how to change the shape of the piece, I can give you my thoughts.