Help for finishing spinning wheel please!

Ooh, I hope someone can help me. After lots of thought, I purchased Tung Oil to finish my Ashford Traveller. I went to Home Depot and they told me to clean the wood with mineral spirits before I used the Tung Oil. My problem is I have no clue on the steps for finishing my wheel, and cannot find them anywhere. Do I use the mineral spirits first to clean the wood? Then sand, use tung oil, let dry, sand, apply another layer of Tung Oil, sand, and that’s it? Is there anywhere I can get the steps, or does someone here know? Thank you so very much for anyone that can help! All my best!


Hi Jenny

My new Asford Traditional just had a light sanding, followed by a wipe with a clean duster. Then it had a couple of coats of oil (leaving it to dry between coats). Afterwards it was waxed and buffed up.

I hope this is useful to you.