Help for Crochet-Tatting

Ist possible for someone to locate or help me to find a links or videos concerning crochet tatting (cro-tat).thanking you.

If that is tatting with a crochet hook (one of the steel sizes) then I know I have found such instructions (images) or videos before.

I’ll be back after a bit with what results I have.

I found the following image…
[U][/U] at

Try a search for needle tatting?

Annie’s Attic has some video stitches for cro-ttating. I had a link for lots of videos as I am teaching myself how to do all three types of tatting. In my infinite wisdom, lol, I somehow deleted the link and haven’t found my way back to it yet. I have the habit of clearing my history and cookies. If I find it I will post the link.

yea, thnks u very much i hve already gone through all these links, with the needle tatting, i am ok, can manage but my problem is i want to c a video about how to make a tatting ring with crochet hook, i hve tried but its difficult to do it. thnks u

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