Help for beginner please!

Hi there. Just came across the site whilst on a search for help! I’m a beginner and I’m knitting a scarf using normal knitting stich. I ran out of wool and needed my scarf to be longer so i attached a different colour and kept going (so it was grey then burgundy). That bit is done. What i would really like to know is how to knit on the casted on side so that i can put the burgundy wool on the other end so that my scarf is symmetrical… Eg burgundy grey burgundy. Does anyone know a fairly simple way to do this?

Many thanks in advance!!!

It’s fairly simple. You just put your needle in, wrap the yarn and pull a stitch out. A crochet hook makes it even easier.
Since you’re going parallel to other stitches you just follow along those other stitches to know where to pick up at.

This page has a video to show it to you,

Mike is correct, you simply pick up the stitches and start knitting with them. It can be a little intimidating at first but it does work quite well.

Thanks for the replies Mike and Knitting Guy. Can i be stupid and ask which video it is that shows me how to knit from the cast on side?

Thanks so much!!

No such thing as a stupid question!!
It is the one called "picking up stitchs