Help for a (sort of) Beginner?

Hi all,

I’ve having an issue for a couple of weeks now (on and off, so that there is less throwing of yarn), and I’m hoping someone here can give me some guidance.

I’m trying to make this “sweet little bird” pattern located on “Knitted Toy Box” and in order to do so, you need to knit front and back… on the second line. Now, I can rock that first line (cast on 6), but I can’t finish, or really even start the second line. I’ve found a few online videos showing me how to do it, and I even though I think I’m doing it right I must not be: I end up with three loops on the right needle, for each original loop on the left needle. I assume I’m looking for only two (it’s hard to tell in the videos because they often do the stitch in the middle of a line.) Additionally, and probably as a result of these three loops, the stitches end up being so tight I can’t keep knitting at all, and I have to unravel start again. It’s soooo frustrating!

Please tell me what I’m doing wrong! I feel like I’m losing the battle against knitting, and I just don’t want to make another scarf!

:heart: Thanks in advance,


P.S. - I can’t post the link to it, because this is my first post. But if anyone wants to see it, I’ll send it along!:woohoo:

Here’s a link to the pattern

I would have to see what you were doing in order to really help (sorry!), but yes, you are only supposed to end up with two loops for every original loop.

Try casting on using a larger needle or both needles together. Though come to think of it, which CO are you using? If it’s the backward loop, change to another one; that one’s difficult to just knit into, nevermind trying to increase. Then to do the first row (the cast on doesn’t count as a row) you knit into the st, leave it on the needle, then knit into the back leg. Sounds like you might be slipping the original stitch to the R needle mixed up with the 2 new stitches.

Thanks for posting the link, etoilechaude.

Suzeeq - I’m using the CO where you make a slip knot. I don’t know if it has a technical name. I think that the problem is what you’re saying - the original stitch seems to get crossed up between the two new ones. How do I get it to not do that?

All of them start with a slipknot (though after some practice you don’t need it). Just do the CO fairly loose, don’t pull at the yarn when you’re putting the loop on the needle. Then it’ll be easier to work in both legs of the stitch without catching the original in them. Practice helps.

OMG! I think I figured it out! :woohoo:

I was doing exacting what you thought I was doing, and while my hands haven’t quite gotten used to the movement, I think with more practice, it’ll become less of a struggle.

Thanks guys!:muah: I’ll let you know how it goes, and I’ll be sticking around these boards for sure!

New knitters tend to knit tight and it’s usually because they pull at the yarn, thinking that will make nice even stitches. When you knit making the next stitch pulls the previous one tighter, so there’s no need to pull the yarn tight. Then after you’re done, washing the item will even out the sts more. While you can (with practice) produce fairly regular stitches, it’s really the finishing up that makes it look ‘picture perfect’ and not so much what you do with the yarn.

Like in a washing machine, or in the sink? Just curious. My first few lines always look a little nasty then, as I keep knitting it gets nicer and more even.

If the yarn is machine washable you can do it in the machine, otherwise by hand.

practice will make that perfect, with every project a little more!
but if you already get even sections you are on the right way.

How you wash your item depends most of all on the yarn - is it washable at all? use wool detergent, on most. in doubt, rather just in the sink… but if you use superwash or the like: into the machine it goes.

the washing to even out pretty much just makes the yarn shift around nicely… lose parts and tight parts will even a little.

I am one that does not wash most items before calling them done… but they can probably do with that… just I do not always go there, right away.