Help for a newbie!

hi i just started trying to knit about three days ago. After the first row i’m totatally lost! i don’t know how to start the second and so on. can anyone help or give me some information and/or pics because i am reading my book and have looked online and this seems impossible for me. just the slipknot seemed impossible but then i finally got that lol . thanks!


You came to the right place!

My suggestion is that you click on the tab at the top of the page “Getting Started”. You can see Amy doing a small project in the video. You may have a “lightbulb moment” when you can see it in action.

Are you working on a specific project?

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I agree with Sara. Definitely checkout Amy’s videos. They taught me most of what I know. Good luck. We’re here for you.

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hi, thanks for replying… i have looked at the videos on here and read the instruction but i can’t seem to get it. i don’t know why on the second row when i start to do the frist stich i can’t get pass that part. thanks tho

What specifically are you having trouble with? How to insert your needle, how to wrap the yarn around it, what…?

Are you remembering to switch the needles?

I know this was my son’s issue. Remember to take the needle you just finished and switch it to the left hand.

Always knit from the left hand to the right hand. Unless you are a lefty. I don’t know what you would do then! :lol:

Is it possible that you could go into a yarn store in your town or city and ask someone to show you how to begin? It sounds like actually being shown and then you can do and then be corrected etc - person to person - may be the idea. There’s also a forum here called Knitters Knear You…perhaps take a look there and see if there’s anyone close to you and ask if they’d be willing to meet? But most yarn stores are wonderful in terms of helping (as long as its not rush hour on sale day!) :slight_smile: