Help For a Confusing Pattern

Hello all, I am having trouble interpreting a pattern of a dog I’m making for my niece. This is only the second thing I’ve ever knitted so I’m learning as I go. Perhaps some experienced knitters can make more sense out of the instructions I have. The project calls for double stitch yarn but I am just doing it in single stitch.

I’m ok until I get to the front legs. When I need to place the left front leg on a stitch holder am I to cut the yarn? Initially I did not, figuring I can cut it later if needed. I started the right front leg and get to the point of putting that on a stitch holder as well. Should I place it on a different stitch holder or the same one? Am I to cut the yarn?

I also do not know what to do beyond that when it says “With RS facing knit across 4 sts of left front leg, turn work and cast on 32 sts, turn work and knit across 4 sts of right leg [40 sts].”

I assume I am to knit the 4 stitches on the knit side of the left leg but don’t know what position each leg is in or where the yarn is coming from (what’s attached to what). Turn work may be obvious once I know that much but for now looks like cast 32 stitches on the purl side of the left front leg which confuses me when I get to turn again and all of the sudden I’m knitting across the right leg.

I’d greatly appreciate if someone could help me clarify this pattern. I would go back to something simpler but I’d rather learn from this.

Thank you :slight_smile:
Pattern Link in plain text:

That’s an adorable pup.
Once you’ve finished the right leg cut the yarn and put the sts on a different holder. You can use the yarn strand that you left attached to the left leg to knit across the left leg, cast on 32 sts and then knit across the right leg. This part is joining the left and right legs with 32 sts in between.
All the directions for turning seem confusing but it’s really just taking you step by step through the method of casting on. So knit across the left leg with the yarn you left attached, turn to the purl side and cast on 32 sts, turn again to the knit side and knit across the right leg sts. I think this part will all seem easier when you have the sts in hand.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: I think I understand what you mean - about to try it out. :star: