Help for a beginner

I have a pattern that says, "knit to yarn overs, knit first yarn over through the front loop and second yarn over through the back loop. I’ve looked on You Tube etc and there is plenty of vids on yarn overs, but not quite what this direction seems to be. Would be very grateful for some direction. Thanks. :slight_smile:

A normal knit stitch is knit through the front loop from left to right. To knit through the back loop you put the needle through the back of the loop from right to left and knit.

Look up knitting through the back loop to see how it’s done. The only difference is that you’re doing it through a YO so it’ll be looser. I’m assuming you’re making eyelets so that’s normal and desired.

Thank you so much. I’m making a little purse. I’ve done the row with a button hole and this is the direction for the next row, it’s also on the wrong side, which is confusing me. I’ll give this a go. Thank you again.

Sorry just saw you advice on posting.

Aww! That’s really cute! :thumbsup: