Help for a beginner, please :)


My name is Michelle and I’m a new knitter and a new mom. I use cloth diapers on my 3 month old baby, which has brought me to the world of knitting! I’m trying to make a wool soaker for my baby’s diapers.

I learned the VERY basics of knitting back in collage, but now I’m finding that it’s not enough. I also know the basics of crocheting, a tad more than I know about knitting.

I’m pretty good at teaching myself using instructions, but I’m not finding answers! I’m trying to make [this](
I’ll start by saying I will be so appreciative of anybody that can offer advice. I realize there is only so much that can be done on the Internet.

So, to begin, it says CO 72. I’ve placed 72 slipnots on size one circular needles - 4 sizes smaller than what would be used to make gauge and the yarn said 5. If that’s ok, then my question is about the following step. “Join and mark start of round” I can’t figure out what join means! I’ve figured out that mark is just tying a piece of string - what do I tie it to?

I you take the time to read this, that you are a good person!!!

There’s too many https in your link, the pattern’s at

A cast on can be done with a slipknot, I just found one last night that’s nice and stretchy -

What’s the yarn you’re using? You should have a medium thickness one; if you’re using a thin one, then you may have to double it and use the 7 or 8 needle as mentioned in the pattern. You can make it with thin yarn and smaller needles, but you’ll have to make a much larger size with more stitches and would need more than 72 sts to get the size you want.

Join is bringing the 2 ends of the needle together with the working yarn on the right end, then knit into the first st on the left end. You put the marker around the needle, do this before you make the first stitch to join the round.

Sorry about the link! I’m posting from my phoneright now. Maybe I am using a yarn that’s too thin. Are the 72 stitches on my needle right now supposed to be the circumference of the top opening? If so, then I’ll need new yarn. I’m going to tackle this again and see how it goes. Thanks for the help!!

Yes, that would be the waist. You could try doubling the yarn and use size 7 or 8 needles as suggested in the pattern. And I fixed the link for you.