HELP for a 1st time knitter!


I am a 1st time knitter!!
I have bought a teddy bear kit!
I am making slow progress with the help of the internet!

But i have got very stuck!!! I have 3 questions!!

1-on the the body it states k3 fasten off - does that mean cast off after k3 together?

2-join wool to remaining sts

3- reversed knit from 47-51
then continues with As 46=k2 tog(together) k11 k2 tog

a new foreign language!!!

please please can anyone help me

cheers bluebabe uk

What is the name of the bear pattern? It would help if we could see it. (Don’t post the pattern here though…against copyright)

sorry its a pattern from a local mill shop not pattern link!!!


its just the bit i posted that im confused with

many thanks

1 - it doesnt say to knit them together, so I think you just k3 and leave them on a stitch holder to get back to them later.

2 - ‘join wool’ just means to start knitting with a new strand. Leave a tail long enough to weave in later.

3 - hmmm, I think ‘reverse knit from 47-51’ means to knit those rows in reverse order - 51, 50, 49, 48, 47. Then you work the next row, k2 together, k11 k2 tog

Thanks!!!clear as mud maybe is hud give up

Dont give up!

You just picked a really hard thing to knit, with lots of shaping and therefore lots of complicated instructions.

Try reading the pattern through a bit further, it might become clear what you do later on.

Or take it half finished to the wool shop, there are usually ladies around who can help and see what you’ve done.

Or start knitting a really simple jumper, and come back to the teddy when you get your confidence up. Despite being big, jumpers really are MUCH easier than teddies, as long as you pick a plain, simple pattern.

Thanks but im still not certain thats what it means

can you post what the pattern says before and after the rows in question? This might help figure out what it is telling you to do.