HELP: Folkwear 235 sporty forties knit pattern

I am currently trying to knit the Folkwear 235 sporty forties pattern, but have some difficulties with the abbreviations.

It states to both KS and PS as seen on the attached picture - does anyone know what this means? I was think knit slip and purl slip, but I cannot find any information to support this

Thank you!

To me this looks like a typing error and rather than S it should read 5.
The pattern is a k1, P5 on the odd rows and K5, P1 on the even rows and you want to keep continuity of the pattern throughout whilst also working sizes, shaping etc.

Do you have instruction for “left front” included in the pattern? This could be a place to check that the “right front” has a typo in it as the left and right fronts are likely similar but reversed.
I think some vintage patterns have been typed up from old documents or magazines perhaps and some errors have been in place from the original and perhaps not corrected.

That’s just my thought anyway.
The information on this pattern describes it as “square stitch” which I think will be similar to this, the sizes are not exactly the same but the general idea is the same

I agree with @Creations that most likely the S should be a 5. I had to look several times before I saw an S. My brain automatically saw a 5.

In the sewing community, people love Folkwear patterns, but I do see a lot of comments about typos or omissions in the instructions. I looked on Ravelry but there are no projects listed there so no comments on this instruction.

Have you tried emailing or phoning the company? Even if you’ve sorted it out, you might like to let them know so they can correct the pattern.

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I’m confused as to what (2,2) refers to. At first I thought it might have to do with the sizes however in the second row of instructions it’s stating K5 (2,2) P1 K5, P1.
I would love to better understand this pattern as it is written. To see if there is a mistake or am I missing something?

You’re correct about the (2,2) having to do sizes. The cast on has 2 numbers in parentheses for the sizes as does the end of row one. The beginning of row 2 uses the same number of sts as the end of row one.
It will help to circle or highlight the size you’re making which will make following the pattern that much easier.

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