Help! Flag ATTACK!

Hello I am British. My friend has asked me to knit her a Union Flag for the queens diamond jubilee, but I don’t know how.
There are a few patterns out there but they seem complicated as I have never done stranded or intarsia before. Should I just knit it in pieces and if so how?? Help!

Thankyou very much.:wall:

Here’s a site for generating charts for knitting patterns and the example they give is the British flag. I wonder what you can do for the reverse side? If you use intarsia or a combination of fair isle and intarsia, you’ll need to cover the seams and floats. The best would be to knit two flags back to back.
Well whatever you decide to do, it sounds like fun. A small flag, I hope, because the jubilee is this week, isn’t it?

Yes, you’re right! That’s why I was moderately starting to panic!
Thanks again!
That brings me on to this question… when you follow a chart should I do fair isle or intarsia, especially on the site’s example? I’ve heard fair isle with 3 colours is bound to get in tangles, but intarsia takes forever.

I would use a combination with the large blue areas in intarsia and the red and white in fair isle. It’s not ideal to use 3 colors for fair isle but since this is over relatively small areas, you could do so.