Help fixing damaged afghan

Hi there,

My friend texted me this photo of an afghan her Grandma made, asking if it can be repaired. I haven’t seen it in person and I can barely crochet. I can’t follow a pattern. I am a good knitter though, so maybe with help I could figure it out?

Any advice? I’d like to help her.

Oh wow…that is too bad! I think the biggest problem will be securing the broken ends…there seems to be a lot of them! Maybe she could go to a yarn store?

Hey, that might be a good plan! Thanks Jan. I haven’t been on KH in aaages. :slight_smile: Nice to see you’re still here answering questions!

Thanks! Nice to see you, too!

I think Jan is absolutely correct - go to a yarn store. For sure they might know of someone that is an expert crocheter that could help with this. Such a lovely afghan !
In my knitting group, we have such a person and we all take our crochet to her. This is exactly what this lady needs.
The afghan is too precious to take chances with.
Good luck!
TEMA :thumbsup: