Help! First time knitter

Hello all! This is my first time knitting something other than a scarf…so I need a bit of help reading a pattern. The pattern I have seems pretty easy, but I just need some things clarified before I start.

Here’s the pattern…

stupid question–but this is not a pattern where I would knit in a round, right?

also, when it says “Then continuing in ribbing, decrease by P 2 tog, K 2 tog across row every other row until about 12 sts. remain. Break yarn, draw through sts. on needle.” How would I draw the yarn through the stitches?

Thanks so much for all your help!

After you finish those instructions, you’ll have 12 stitches left on your needles. Snip the yarn a ways away from the stitches (I’d leave at least 8 inches to start with) and thread a large-eye yarn needle (you can get plastic ones at craft stores for very cheap) with the yarn. Now stick the yarn needle through the stitches on your knitting needle, one at a time. Pull the yarn tight, and you should have a circle of stitches at the top of your finished cap! Just weave in the ends, and you’re done!

And no, this pattern is not knit in the round. It will be knit back and forth on straight needles and then the back of the hat will be seamed at the end.

Oops! Next time, I probably should consider READING the pattern…