HELP! First Sweater Pattern Problems

Okay, so I decided to take the plunge and stop knitting hats and scarves (the family and friends were getting [I]tired[I])[/I][/I]. My knitting book suggested doing a baby sweater since they are smaller and generally require less shaping. And therein lies the problem…

The pattern says:

[B]Shoulder shaping: [/B] Keeping cont of pat (got that part), cast off 6 sts beg next 4 rows, then 5 sts beg following 2 rows. Cast off rem 19 sts.

I have no idea where to put the cast off stitches. It seems like if I do them at the beginning, I will wind up with a bell curve-type shape, instead of something like a “U” for the neck.

If its at all helpful, I did discover that the total number of all the cast off stitches would be 53, the same number of stitches across the width of the garment.

Thanks for your help!!!

The final 19 stitches are where the neckline is. The shoulder shaping (the stepped binding off) creates a gradual slope from the neck down to the shoulders. It’ll be fine.:thumbsup:

You’ll have more neck shaping on the front, I’m sure.