Help! First stocking/sock with wonky directions!

To make a long story short I ended on a purl row in ST st. My pattern then says
"divide for heel: From right side, so first 13 sts to holder for right half of heel, so next 27 sts to second holder for instep, sl rem 13 sts to free needle for left half of heel."
I thought I had the dividing the heel part done correctly but then when I went to knit the left half of the heel (according to the pattern) it wants me to start on a purl st row but that messes up the ST st pattern and the picture doesn’t show a break I the pattern at all so I think I messed up somewhere… Please help!

  1. Tink back one row, then divide or
  2. Add one knit row to the start of each division before following the pattern or
  3. delete first row of division instructions starting on row 2 (knit).