Help! First pair of booties

I’m going to a baby shower on Saturday and decided to knit a gift. I’ve done a hat already and am now working on a pair of booties. I’ve never knit booties (or socks) before and I’m stuck. The pattern I’m using is here, I’ve gotten all the way to the end of the instep and have picked up the 7 stitches along the edge of the instep. I’m not sure how to proceed from here.

Instep (the top of the foot part):
Work back and forth on the first needle only. Begin with a knit row and work in stockinette st for 14 rows, ending with a purl row. (tip: don’t pull the 1st stitch of each row too snug [as I have a tendency to do]. It will make the next step much easier.)
Next row, K2tog, K6, K2tog. (8st remaining)

With a new needle, pick up 7 st along the edge of the instep you just knit.

For those of you who might be new to this, I’ve written more detailed instructions:
If you look down on the edge of that long knit section, you’ll see that it looks something like this:
where the hyphens are one long thread running with the edge and the slashes are another thread or two wrapping around the edge.
You’re going to pick up stitches (along the edge closest to your working yarn) from R to L by inserting the needle point under that long thread (the hyphens) from front to back, and then go to the next long thread and pick it up from front to back and repeat this down the edge.

Now, purl those 7 st just like you would any normal stitch (it will twist so there won’t be a hole), then using the same needle purl 5 st from the next needle (12 st).
With a new needle, P4 remaining st and using the same needle P4 from the next needle (8 st).
With the next needle which has 5 st remaining on it, pick up 7 st along the side of the instep.
Purl the first 5 st plus the 7 you picked up (12 st).
P8 on the last needle.
So you now have four needles: #1 with 12 st (long side), #2 with 8 st (heel), #3 with 12 st (long side), and #4 with 8 st (toe). Back to knitting in the round:

Purl one round.
Knit 3 rounds.
Purl one round.

I think I figured it out. Her definition of “picking up stitches” is just different.