HELP First Fairl Isle Puckering!

I’m trying my hand for the first time at fair isle. Going great, except it’s puckering on the ends. I watched the video on this site and I remember her mentioning it…guess I should have paid more attention :wall:

Please tell me it will all even out in blocking!!!

Don’t pull the yarn so tight when stranding, that should help.

Yes, pulling the strands across the back will make it pucker. Try to keep them a little loose.

If it’s puckering just a teeny bit, you can flatten it while blocking. If it’s more than that, I hesitate to say…

[size=2]you should start over. [/size]

When you’re carrying the yarn, don’t pull it tightly before knitting with that color again. In fact, give it enough slack so it hangs just a tiny bit. When the stranding is too tight, not only will it cause puckering, but the finished garment will be too tight to wear because the stranded areas do not stretch. :pout: