Help finishing a hat

So I started a basic K2 P2 on size 6 circular needles…I have a total of 92 stitches…it’s a little over 5 inches now…I need to start a decrease, but have NO CLUE how to do it keeping my pattern?? ANYONE??? Please!

I did a little googling and found this – a couple different approaches are discussed. HTH

I just finished a similar hat not to long ago. Heres what I did, divide the number by 4 anywhere you like. knit over in pattern to the 24th stitch then on the next 2 go ssk those count as 2 k so k 22 over and ssk keep going until your divisions are down to say 8 stitches then with a yarn needle or crochet hook loop the tail over the last stitch then back through all the stitches in sequence. use it like a draw string now you need that needle. go over the hole to closse it up. It makes kind or spirals I like the look of it. hope this helps