Help finishing a baby hat on circular needles

Help! I have knitted a baby hat with circular needles and I want to finish it so that the seam goes straight across the top of the hat rather than decreasing it or cinching it to a point at the top and I do not want to have to use double points or a tapestry needle. I did this recently and knitted it closed and right off the circular needles… and it is adorable! I added two pom poms on each corner and it is sort of like a modified jester hat. The problem is that I cannot find the website that I used to show me how to do this! It’s a great trick and apparently not even one that my local knitting shop knew how to do! Hope someone out there has some insight!! Thanks!:x:

Split your stitches in half and fold (imagine you were using magic loop) and then pair the last stitch with your first stitch and BO.

For ease, you could, after the fold, slide them all to a straight needle (or another circ or a needle holder) alternating first st with last st, then put them back on the desired circ. and BO from there.

If you divide your sts onto two needles (one can be the circular needle and the other can be any needle that’s close in size). Then orient the sts with the right sides (outside of the hat) facing and use the other end of your circ to do a 3 needle bind off across the top of the hat. There’s a video on this site to show you how. It does make a very cute hat and the pom-poms are a good idea. Good luck with it!