Help! Finished size 1-2 years sweater too small


I’ve finished a Debbie Bliss pattern of a sweater in size 1-2 years for my 1.5year old. Even though I knitted the inches/cm required it looks too small on my daughter (she is average). I checked that a size up would be just around 1-2 cm bigger, and I don’t think I knit too tightly… any advice on how to stretch it, I used baby cash merino tonals. This is result

. This is the original: IMG_0664

Well, your daughter looks adorable in the sweater, and the knitting looks lovely.
It looks like it hasn’t been blocked yet? Wash it by machine or by hand according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and either spin it for 5 seconds or so in the washer or gently squeeze in a towel to remove excess water. Then pin it out to the given measurements stretching out the ribs and let it dry completely.
That’ll help with the width of the body and sleeves and it may help with the length too. Check that it fits nicely under the arms and isn’t still too tight. If it is you may have to reknit the part from the underarms up to make the upper body longer.

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Hi! I have to agree with @salmonmac that your daughter looks totally adorable. I love the color on her. Looking at it, it doesn’t look too small but i am seeing it through a photo. I agree with salmonmac that you should try blocking it, it definitely might help. Keep us posted.

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Yes, you are right, I haven’t washed it yet. I will check the yarn instructions to wash it and follow the instructions above. I was afraid to wash it because I thought it would shrink more so she is wearing it today (just in case she never got to do it again). Thanks for the advice, this is what happens when u are a newbie :sweat_smile:

We all were newbies at one time.

You haven’t finished the knitting yet, so how do you know it is not the right size?? You can’t say the knitting is finished until it is blocked – until it has been washed and dried according to the fibre being used.

Since this is animal fibre, it will stretch a lot! You CAN increase the size of any wool sweater by a lot when you block it. Just stretch it out to your required size and pin in place until dry. Blocking cures thousands of knitting sins!