Help Finding Shawl/Wrap Pattern!

I saw a beautiful shawl on someone with a true designer look–rows of loose knitting with as many different kinds of yarn as there were rows! The yarn alone must have been expensive: eyelash, ribbon, mohair, etc but the overall effect was gorgeous. The wrap may have been a rectangle but I think it was tapered on the ends.
Any ideas on how to do this? I am too inexperienced to make up my own pattern!

With all those yarns for texture, you could just knit on bif fat needles (17s or 19s) in garter st…

OR you may want to check these out for inspiration:

Thank you so much for the suggestion and the link. I actually found 2 variations of the scarf Iwanted and one even comes in a kit with the yarn. Both are on the Crystal Palace Yarn web site: “Deco-Ribbon+Splash Quick Knit Stole” and “Triangle Garter Stitch w/ Splash Collar Stole”! I am going to make a straight version of this (not triangle). :XX: :smiley: