Help finding pattern


I’m hoping that someone can point me in the right direction. I was going to print a pattern for a sock the other day and ran out of ink in my printer and darned if I can find the pattern again, I’ve looked on knitty, magknits, and interweave (pretty sure it was on a site similar to that, though as much as I look for patterns online, who know where it actually is :??!!!).

It was a footie sock that was a very light green and had a lace instep that almost was like leaves going up it. The picture had just the girls legs with her feet in the picture. I believe, though I might be wrong, that it had two pattern repeats of about 18 rows or so across the instep. It was below the ankle, and it looked like a pretty quick knit. I believe that it was knitted top down though it’s been a couple of days since I’ve seen it and may have forgotten.
I will :heart: you if you can help me find this!

Thanks all!

I think if you go to the top of your browser and click on History, you can pull up a list of all places you’ve visited recently. You should be able to see a bunch and then try a few to see if it’s your “lost” page.

You can even search your history. Type in footie' orsock’…

Yes, I know that can be done, but we have our history set to only cache one day, so it’s gone from there.

Google footie' orfooty’? I’m often surprised when what I’m looking for turns up on the first page. It’s like the thing is reading my mind…

Searching your history will work as long as you haven’t cleared it.

You could also try searching Free Sock Patterns

I found it, thanks! I wouldn’t have known what to call it, I’ve searched everywhere for patterns, so just to put in sock or footy to search, it wouldn’t have helped because I would have gotten too many search results back, but thanks for trying to help anyway. :hug:

I was looking on the archives at Knitty, and it’s a new pattern, that’s why I couldn’t find it. It’s here, called Breeze: - silly me, but at least I found it :cheering:

Oooh, I’m thinking about doing that pattern!!! Let me know how it goes! :smiley:

I thought it might be that one, but couldn’t think where I’d seen it either, or what it was called.

I sure will redheadrachel, it may be a few days, because I’m still fininshing up a fiber trends hat for this winter (too many projects…so little time…as you all know).