Help finding pattern for cowl/neckwarmer

Whatever you want to call it basically a hat that isn’t seemed up on the top:lol:

I’m looking for one to make for my BF he claims he doesn’t care what it looks like (fat chance) but does anyone have a pattern a man would like? I looked on Lionbrand but yeah…they’re all patterns women would like.

Hi! It should be pretty easy to make up a pattern yourself. It’s just basically a tube :slight_smile: If you have found a pattern that goes with the yarn you intend to use it can be a guide for how many stitches to cast on if you are unsure how to go about figuring that out for yourself. Using “guy” colors you could do some cables or moss stitch or even just plain old garter stitch if you don’t want anything fancy. I have seen some really fun stranded colorwork patterns in the sci fi genre, on ravelry I know there is a dr who hat pattern that could easily be adapted to a cowl and also some star wars inspired patterns.

Libbie :slight_smile:

Yep, it wouldn’t be difficult. You’d want one about 24" around give or take an inch, and knit for aout 8-13" long. Ribbing would be good.

Here is one I bought at my LYS. It is just rib. It could be used for guy or gal. This one is knit with sock yarn, but you could use any yarn. Just adjust your # of stitches.

Well I think basket weae pattern will be nice.
example: you can do 1 inch in 1x1 rib
then een (rw: k5, p5 ) and (odd rw: p5, k5)
but CO in multiple of 10.

I just finished one for the whole family…(me, hubbi, n our little aadin)…

My family beanie…

my aadin wearing his

thanks guys :smiley: that kid looks so cute with that hat

I just love the pattern on these beanies here. What type of yarn/gauge are you working with?


Knitty has this cool convertable hat/cowl.