Help finding Knitted Doll Patterns

Hello . I am new to this forum and new to knitting. I am looking for knitted doll patterns. Where can I look? Nice to meet you all. DMR97

Quite a few here
and here, scroll down a bit

you can look here, too.

i was just looking there are some lush toys there thanks for the link.

There are several books.

Dream Toys andKnitted Babes are two I can think of right off the top of my head that are great.

They each run about $15 at Amazon and are definitely worth the money if you want to knit dolls and accessories for them.

Jean Greenhowe Designs are the cutest dolls ever.

Several patterns.. Some of the links are broken.

Duck Shelf Doll.

Easy Knit Doll.

Golly Doll.

Santa Shelf Doll.

Most of Jean Greenhowe’s patterns are for purchase but check out this cute free small doll pattern on the site I linked above Rainbow Babies.

Betty Lampen’s Shoebox Dolls are adorable! The booklet has about a dozen variations.

OMG! I love these babies! Thanks so much for this link! I’ve got it saved and maybe, one of these days, I’ll get to it!

THANKS EVERYONE. The links were very helpful and I will be a busy knitter!

There should be an animated show based on Jean’s dolls. They are simply gorgeous.