Help finding crochet tip


i’m looking for this site i found accidentally where it showed you an alternate way to start crocheting in a ring as in for a granny square instead of chain X and join… it was really neat and involved pulling the tail at some point, that’s as much as i remember… the reason i ask here is i would swear there was a link to it in the middle of a knitting pattern, like “for tips on this, click here” either at knitty or mag knits or something similar, but i can’t seem to find it anywhere… any ideas?


The Yarn Lovers Room has lots of crochet patterns AND they have pattersn that can change crochet patterns to knit pattersn and vice versa~

They have basic techniques… like crochet cast on if thats what you’re looking for

It wasn’t to do with looping the yarn around a finger then crocheting into it, was it?

Or you could chain 2 or 3 then sc into the first chain.

Either way, if you make a slip knot to put on the hook before making the foundation chain you should be able to tighten the initial loop by tugging on the tail of the yarn.

[b][color=indigo]If pulling the tail to make it tighter was the big draw to that technique, you can do it with a chain circle beginning, too.

As you do your sc or dc around the chain circle, make sure the tail is laying along the chain circle, too, so that your doing your sts over the tail as well as the chain. When you get done with a few rounds, grab the tail and pull, and it’ll tighten that center right up.[/color][/b]

I know what you mean. You loop the tail around two fingers twice. Insert your hook into the center of that, pull up a loop, chain 1 for sc, 2 for hdc or 3 for dc, then continue making whatever number and type of stitches round 1 requires. At this point, pull the original yarn tail tight. You will have a center with virtually no hole at all. It seems a little awkward for the first stitch or two, but it makes a great neat center.

That’s an awesome tip! :slight_smile:
A couple of weeks ago I crocheted various shapes for drink coasters, including a granny square. I’m going to try this out for my next set.


the finger wrapping has something to do with it, but i can’t remember. there was a pictorial for it. i’ll see if i can’t figure it out based on both descriptions, hopefully it will come back to me! thanks a bunch! :slight_smile: