Help finding buckle for belt I want to knit

The belt pattern in Stitch 'n Bitch Nation got me thinking that I should make a belt for my 4 year old. He is so skinny and often needs a belt (thankfully many of his clothes have built in adjustable elastic bands, kinda like maternity pants! :lol: ) but kids belts are hard to come by and I’m not going to spend $25 on a belt from The Gap for him.

So anyways, I thought it would be a great way to use up some leftover yarn but am having a heck of a time finding on-line sources for plain, small belt buckles. The pattern in S’nB lists as the source for the buckles and they have beautiful things but to ship to Canada they have a MINIMUM shipping charge of $24!!! :shock: For an item that costs a few dollars, I don’t think so! :fingerwag:

So, this is the kind of thing I’m looking for Any of you master googlers able to come up with some alternatives??

Have you checked ebay at all yet?


I don’t know what size those are, but those are two plain ones I found.

:thinking: what if you took a belt buckle from a belt that is no longer being used? check goodwills or things like that… Joanns has some on their website but I’m not sure how much that would be to ship to you prolly the same… :thumbsup: good luck

There are quite a few places you could try if WM or Zellers doesn’t have something suitable. You can try your local fabric store. Another good source is whichever sewing shop is the local sponsor of “Sewing with Nancy”… I find that they tend to carry a lot more specialty items than others. Second-hand stores are often great for finding items like this, and you never know what jewels can be found in the “craft” section of your local dollar or discount store.

If you still can’t find something, let me know and I can look around here in Winnipeg… we’ve got a bit of a garment district, and I’ve got people I know that are into costuming and such that I can ask for help.

From frisky_kittie’s ebay link, the 1st one looks new, the 2nd one looks crummy, but it says “VERY COLLECTABLE”. I like that one :roflhard:

Yeah, funny hey? :roflhard: It looked like some kind of artifact!!

The first one was nice, but too big for a small kid’s belt. 2"x2" it said.

I’ll keep looking, thanks for your help so far!

Found one here:

Will probably buy it but emailed the seller to see if they have anything smaller than a 1". Then 1" would probably be fine, it seems I don’t have the options to be picky about it, a 3/4" would be better but hey, at least I found something. :smiley:

woo hoo! :slight_smile: :happydance: