Help finding baby blanket pattern

Hi Ladies!!

Ok, I, unfortunately, am to broke to be a yarn snob. So…while at a local shop I picked up Red Heart’s Baby Teri. Its quite soft and looked fun to knit with, so I bought a few skeins. The pattern I’m looking for is very basic, which this yarn needs since it had alot of texture already.

I had a particular baby blanket pattern in mind that I had seen online. Its made up of 4 squares knit diagonally, much like the typical diagonally knit dishcloth where you cast on 3 and increase etc. I was looking for the pattern and can’t find it. Anyone know what I’m thinking of? I know I should be able to wing it, and I am, but I’m really a pattern person, lol. I so wish I was more of a carefree knitter, hehe. Thanks for the help!

one of these??