Help finding Addi circ size 1 40" length

eBay Jeff doesn’t sell 40" circs :frowning: I need that length for magic loop for socks but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg at my LYS. Can some of you master googlers help me out??? :smiley:

Here ya go! also has them. I’ve ordered from them often and they’re quite fast.

I just checked both of those sites and with the added shipping it comes to MORE than I would pay at my LYS! There may be tax added on top of that in some states, too. :shock:

Knitpicks have them for 12.50 and if you buy some yarn for your stash you won’t have to pay shipping…and any excuse to buy more yarn sounds good to me.

You might try It’s a LYS here and they sell addis online too.

So, it’s 40" that is needed for Magic Loop? :?? All along, I was thinking it was 47", so that’s what I’ve been hunting for months on eBay, to no avail. :wall:

Noooo, not just 40", 47" would be perfect too. I just prefer 40" for socks. I’d say for magic loop you want anything 40" or longer.

Okay, thanks, Knitqueen. :smiley:

I highly recommend my friend Angelika’s shop yarn-store; she has super fast shipping, too :thumbsup:

Well, you can ask for first class shipping here:

I’m looking for 40" Skacel Bamboo (these were the Naturas), but I can’t find them (for sure) in size US1. Somewhere I read they only come in US2 or larger. Discount Yarnhas them (with only a 2-3 week lead time - gee thanks), but for some reason I’m not too confident. Skacel’s site is in transition I think - they only have some info and nothing about needles. I did write to them (just now).