Help finding a similar pattern (afghan)

This was made using old sweaters, but I am looking for a similar pattern using cables, Irish knit, etc. The colors do not matter, nor the size, but it has to be a knit pattern. If anyone has any suggestions, it is very helpful.

Thank you!:muah:

Here’s a pattern from Lion Brand for a sampler afghan that may be similar to what you’re looking for. Also, try putting “sampler afghan” into Ravelry’s (free to join) pattern finder. There are many patterns that come up and one may appeal to you.

There are also sites and books that show you how to do different cable patterns. You could make blocks of the ones you like and create your own afghan.

Thanks so much for the help, that pattern is great! I have Vogue Stitchonary, and was thinking about making blocks such as Ingrid suggested, however, I have been known to not make them all the same size…I try really hard but mistakes are inevitable.

I am going to weigh both options and see if I can master it. Thanks again for the help, as soon as I finish my baby sweater I’ll get started on this one.:inlove: