Help finding a pattern

Hello! I am new to this forum, I have a dilemma and I am hoping some clever crafters may be able to assist me. I stumbled upon a beautiful picture of a child/toddler in a hat and have fallen in love with the design and would love to recreate it, i am yet to determine if it is knit or crochet yet. Problem is after trawling the net for many hours i have been unable to locate the pattern :frowning: I have my fingers crossed that a clever craft may have it hidden in her stash and be willing to share it with me!! Thanking everyone in advance :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help!
These aren’t exactly the same pattern but see if they come close to what you’re looking for:

I may be wrong, but that looks like crochet to me–what is sometimes called seed stitch (sc, ch 1, sc on first row; then on next and subsequent rows, sc in first ch sp, ch 1, sc in next ch sp).

Where did you find the picture? Could someone there tell you where they got the pattern?

i found the image just by doing a google search, i think i typed in “free hat patterns”. i have tried clicking on the picture and searching it back to original pages but there is no pattern linked to it.

Thankyou for these pattern links!! :thumbsup:

That’s definitely single crochet over the entire hat. It looks a little different because they changed colors and added stripes to it. But it looks as if it’s single crochet through the whole thing. You can put “newsboy crochet hat pattern” in the search box at Youtube. I’ve seen many patterns there for them. They’re tutorials that have you work along with the teacher. You can pause the video at any time if they go too fast for you. You’ll be able to see what they’re doing easier if you put the video on full screen mode.