Help finding a pattern

A friend of mine bought a winter headband and I would sure like to make some. I’ll try to describe it as best as I can.

It’s about 19" long and gets bigger in the middle (the part covering the top of your head). At either end it’s about 1", then gets wider to about 5" in the middle. There is a single crochet finishing around the perimeter. Two buttons on one end and a loop closure at the other end. This one has a flower applied after knitting.

It was designed to fit over your head and button at the back of your neck.

It’s made from bulky yarn.

anyone have a pattern like something like that?

Here’s a neat headband if you knkow hot to knit entrelac or want to learn:

and some more:

Thanks so much. Awesome patterns! I don’t know which one to try first!

I know what you are looking for. I am also looking for that pattern. Did you ever find the exact one? Seen it at a craft show this weekend and would like to make some for Christmas gifts. Thanks

I’ve seen that too and would like to find one. They’re great headbands. Can cover your ears without making a mess of your hair when they come off.

I am also looking for this pattern. I’ve seen a few for sale on Etsy. It seems fairly straight forward. I may just go ahead and wing it and see how it turns out.