Help finding a pattern

Hello :slight_smile:
I came across this little pouch when I stayed in a hotel. They put a vanity kit inside this pouch and I think it is really cute!
I am not quite familiar with these type of stitches and I begin wondering how to achieve this pattern in knitting. Actually I’m not sure either whether this pattern is knitted or crocheted.
Here I present to you how it looks. The right side has ‘mountains’, but the wrong side only looks like ‘ladders’.

Can anyone help me figuring out what kind of stitches or knitting techniques used to make this pattern? Thank you.

I wonder if this is some kind of woven, interlocking stitch? I don’t recognize it as a knit pattern.

it looks like crochet chains and then double strans weaved . what do the borders look like then can tell if there crochet staring chains