Help finding a pattern

I wonder if anyone knows of a pattern for an A-line tunic with straight, ‘normal’ long sleeves, knitted in 4ply yarn/4mm needles. Or even smaller needles. Or if they have such a pattern would they be kind enough to please email it to me. I have been trying to find such a pattern forever and cannot find it anywhere. I would be very grateful. Many thanks.

I wonder if you’re thinking of something like?

or maybe these::

It would be best to take your email address out of the post to protect your own privacy from malicious bots.

Please remove your email address. No need to add it in a post because you’ll get email notification of replies. Plus you can always check here.

Sending purchased patterns is a copyright violation, too.

Thank you for your reply.
I’m afraid I am not familiar with communicating on the forum (when I entered my username and password it was not being accepted, although I have not changed it to my knowledge, so I thought that I am being asked for my email address since I could not think of anything else).

I had not intended to contravene any rules but simply asked for other knitters’ advice and help in tracking down a specific pattern. It is not a pattern I intend to use commercially for resale in any form.

I apologise if my wording had caused any offence.

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Danka, no offence taken. Removing the email address is for your protection. Jan’s copyright statement is a reminder for all of us. The issue of copyrights comes up often on the forum and it is as well to be reminded of it early on.
An advanced search of Ravelry will let you enter the needle sizes and yarn weights you’d prefer as well as the pattern style. There are a couple of pages of A-line tunics in several variations to browse.

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Hello and thank you for your kind reply and advice. And for the suggested pattern.

I am very new and have no experience with communicating via forums, I’m afraid so any help is appreciated.
I will have a look at this pattern although it may not be suitable for the 4ply yarn I want to knit with. However, it does look interesting.
So, many thanks again.

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Hello again.

I have re read my original request and I see that you are quite correct in your reply re copyright violation warning as I did ask for such a pattern to be emailed to me.

I will certainly remember this in future.

However, is it ok for me to print out a copy of a pattern which is on the ravelry website, please?

Thank you.

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Yes, absolutely, print out from Ravelry. You can also copy patterns from library books for your own use without a copyright problem. @Jan_in_CA had a link to a very concise article on copyright for knitters which I hope, she’ll provide the link to again.

Thank you for your reply and advice re ‘advanced search’.
Kind regards

Hi Danka, I took no offense. Sorry I made you feel that way! As moderators we just need to keep on top of things and remind people of the rules on occasion.

It’s always okay to print a pattern from Ravelry or anywhere else you find a free or purchased pattern. Copyright becomes involved when someone else is sharing a purchased pattern so it undercuts the designers profit and work. Here in the public forum we need to be mindful of posting both purchased and free patterns so if you have a question about particular pattern or a part of it you can post a link to it or just a few lines of the part you’re having trouble with. :slight_smile: Here’s some links to copyright info if you want to read it.

I removed your email from the subject line for you. :slight_smile:

Hello Jan

Thank you for your email and time you have taken to explain. I appreciate
I’m not terribly well informed or had much practice with certain 'new’
functions of the internet since retiring so I am rather prone to getting
things wrong, I’m afraid.

Also, thank you for removing my email address.

I am grateful for any and all, help and guidance.

Kind regards