Help finding a pattern for a felted item

I have over 1000yds of wool that I recycled from a sweater. It it decent, and a really nice color, but just not very soft. I can’t see myself wearing a clothing item made from it, not even a scarf really.

So I’m thinking it would be perfect for felting, but what?? :thinking: I have made a booga bag and already have felted slippers. I like the idea of another felted bag but I don’t know what. I have looked through knittingpatterncentral and there are so many, but really none that truly excited me and I know that if I started, I wouldn’t finish because I feel so uninspired.

So I guess what I’m looking for is any suggestions you have, perhaps some other locations of free patterns I could look at. I’m feeling google challenged lately and need help!!

Have you made any clogs yet???


:happydance: Earlier this month I found this gread knitting site. This is a link to just one felted bag. Search the archives for complete felting instructions and other free knitting/felting patterns.

There’s a whole bunch of felted items here! I’ve been trying to make coasters. I’ve got the square ones down fine, but those round ones are tripping me up. I can’t make a circle no matter what needles I use. :??