Help find a pattern


I used to have a pattern for a blanket made of what looked like knitted squares.

Cast on 10 sts
Knit 20 rows (don’t know how many rows exactly)
Cast on 10 sts, knit across 20 sts, then cast on 10 sts. Then knit across all the sts
and you keep on going like that until u have used 1/2 your yarn

Does anyone know this pattern?? And where I could get it from??



I’ve seen pattern photos like this but never seen a written pattern. You’ve essentially written it out here though. You should be able stop the first cast on when you have a square and use that number or rows for the rest of the pattern.


Look!! I finally found the pattern!! I remembered the yarn it had been made with. I’ve wanted to try this for a long time, only with single strand of ww yarn.



Oh, perfect! I’m looking forward to seeing your version. Thanks for posting the pattern link.



I’ve got a quick question on this. What kind of cast-on would u use when adding the squares?? I might use this one for the wedding gift!!!



In general, I use long-tail cast on and you could use that here. The cable cast on also gives a pretty edge.


But doesn’t the long-tail need 2 strands of yarn??



Yes, you’re roght, it’ll only work for the initial cast on. Cable cast on will work for all of the cast ons. That’s a better choice.


Are these us size 11 needles or uk?? As in 3mm???


This would be US 11. I think that’s size 8mm???

Does that help?


Thanks very much x