Help figuring out a pattern

Hey everyone,

I recently started knitting (just a few months of experience so far) and I decided to try to create some fingerless mittens for myself. Reading patterns is something that still confuses me, so I’ve been slowly making progress through this one.

The instruction that I don’t quite understand is the following:
[I]Rnd 1 - work 32 st, M1RK, work to end[/I]

Particularly it’s that “work to end” that has me slightly confused. Do I work to end the stitches or the M1RK?

Any help would be appreciated and thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to KH!
Good for you for getting into pattern reading. Although each one can be an adventure, the more you read, the easier it gets.
“Work stitches” is telling you to continue the pattern as you have been knitting it in the earlier rows. Perhaps because of different sizes in the pattern, it’s shorter to say that than to give the directions to knit or purl x many sts.
Here’s a video (no sound) for M1RK, usually called M1R in case you need it:

And yes, work to end means all the stitches after, usually to the end of the row