Help! Fabulous Lace Inset Cardigan

Ack! I’m driving myself mad over here :wall: …I am attempting to knit Sweater Babe’s Fabulous Lace Inset Cardigan, and I keep getting into a ‘d’oh’ moment every single time I attempt the left front of this thing!!!

Here’s the problem: I knitted the back of the cardigan perfectly, so I moved onto the left front of the thing…I have frogged this piece so many times because I swear I’m doing something wrong. My problem is the pattern calls for many, many YO’s and you are supposed to purl into them like normal but when you are supposed to knit into a YO, you’re supposed to knit into the back of it. How can I make sure I’m knitting into the right stitch of the YO? When you are in a row that you are purling and you YO then purl, is the yarn supposed to sit twisted at the top unless you pull it down? Am I just doing it wrong??? HELP!!! I really want to get this thing right, but I can only get up to row 8 before I frog!!!

Help, O’mighty Previous Makers of the Fab Lace Inset :notworthy: !!! I need your experience!!! TIA!

I’m not sure I understand your problem so I’m not sure if this will help, but are you sure you are doing the yo between purls in the correct way? Here is a description of how it’s done:

I think I got the YO with a purl stitch problem fixed! Thanks for the link…I knew it had to be something I was just doing wrong. When I was doing the YO after purling a stitch, I was sending the yarn between the needles then purling the next stitch with the yarn in the knit position…no wonder the stitch ended up all twisted…you just sent the yarn over the needle then back through the needles to the purl position :doh: !

Oooo…can’t wait to start up again!

I did my pre-purl yarn overs the same way for a long time and couldn’t understand why they were such a pain. :shrug: