Help! Extra Stitches


I’m totally new to knitting, so this is probably a really stupid question. I’m trying to follow a pattern for the first time, and I cast on 45 stitches. Somehow, I end up with extra stitches on my needle. I looked down after a few rows, and there were 48 stitches on my needle! I believe I am adding one new stitch per row, or every other row. Is there any idea how I could be doing this?

I’m sorry, this is probably a really obvious, stupid question, but I’m a brand new beginner!

Natasha :slight_smile:

Welcome, Natasha!

You’re probably doing one of two things:

On the purl rows, especially for Continental knitters, the first stitch can look like two stitches, because the yarn is pulling up both sides of the stitch below the working stitch, and you may think these are two stitches that each need knitting! I demonstrate this in the new Continental purling video that I’ll be uploading today or late tonight.

Also, you may be forgetting to slip the old stitch off the old needle, and knit it again! I got caught on video doing this a couple of days ago (you’ll see my error in the new video on Double Knitting that I’ll be putting up tonight! LOL).

We welcome all questions, and that one’s a great one!
Happy Knitting!

Goodness, that was quick! And thank you, Amy! I was totally twisting the end of the row (beginning?) around to look like an extra stitch. Thanks! I’m just working on a little dishcloth, but it’s challenging for me!

Natasha :slight_smile:

I am new to knitting and have not used the purl stitch yet but I’ve added one stitch to one side of my work on every row. The other side is fine. My scarf is going to be crooked! :cry:

Any clues???