Help explain directions :)

I am trying to teach myself cables. So I pulled out a book that has come down from my Great-Grandmother called Hand Knitting Stitches. The pattern I am trying to do is the Four-Stitch Cables (to left). What do they mean when the directions say to “work sts as they appear”? I am confused, and the book does not explain this.

Work them as they appear = knit the knits and purl the purls as they face you.

Very often the wrong side of a pattern will tell you to do that rather than write out the whole thing. If there is a knit [I]facing[/I] you on the next stitch of the left needle, knit it. If it’s a purl purl it.

Thank you very much. That is sort of what I thought, but not completely sure, and did not want to start and have to rip when I found out I was wrong.