Help enlarging a dress pattern

Hi everyone,

My sister sent me a pattern for the most adorable little-girl dress, and I
simply must make one for my daughter! The problem is that the pattern only
goes up to size 6, and I think that would be a little small on her. Would the
project turn out okay if I increased everything by the same increments as is
shown between sizes 2, 4 and 6?

Example, CO 63 sts for size 2, 67 for size 4, and 71 for size 6. Could I
not just CO 75 for a size larger and do the same throughout the pattern? It’s
a very simple pattern; you can see it here
( .

Thanks in advance for your advice,



That’s exactly how I would have said to try to increase the size. :thumbsup:


Now I"m thinking of finding a tank top to knit in the round and adding the skirt in the tuto yarn. IMO pieces knitted in the round look so much nicer than a front and back seamed together, especially since I am not skilled in that and end up hiring someone to do it. What do you think of that plan?


Lisa :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:

You could even do this one in the round if you wanted, but since you’ll have to make it larger, you might want to find a tank in the right size. You could just pick up stitches along the bottom and add the skirt.

If you sew, I got a pattern Simplicity 9292 for pj’s that are an extended tank top. Iam sewing the tank top portion and then picking up along the edge with yarn and knitting the skirt portion.