Help ending project

I know this might come off as an simple question but I am so lost…

I am making a lace poncho from lion brand yarn and the last 3 instructions are:

Bind off loosely.
Sew short end to side edge.
weave in ends.

I have no idea how I am supposed to ‘sew end to side edge’… I know how to bind off. I know how to weave in yarn ends…

Can anyone help?? Sorry if it is something simple that I am just not getting…

I do not know the shape of your poncho but I guess it was knit as a flat blanket type thing and now needs to be sewn together.

You can probably find a sketch for that with your pattern or there is a photo of it?

So I guess you can figure out how to assemble the poncho.

Now comes the question “HOW do I sew?”

Well, first you bind off and you finish all other things (except maybe the weaving in). Then you get ready to sew.

I recommend [B]matress stitch[/B]. There are instructions here in the video section and there are multiple good videos on

you use a darning needle and the same yarn you have been knitting with. You work from the right side and therefore can line up the pattern really well (if needed in detail). The videos will show you how to join the pieces in the actual technique. When you do it right, there is no stitch visible. Just a little “fold line” where the pieces go together and a little ridge on the inside, but relatively flat.

You would use the mattress stitch to sew one end to a side. Say your piece is 15" x 40", take the 15" side and match it to one end of the 40" side, sort of forming an L, then sew the edges togehter. There’s a video for the Mattress stitch under Finishing on the Tips page.